The Document is about Innovation, Title:” The Inventor In You “Created Especially for the Young Ones.

It's a good read to little ones who are yet unable to read by themselves, moms and dads participation is essential in this Topic of innovation, especially at a very young age. (We always advocate parents communication and Discussion, with their children…below is the opportunity)
All of you here are innovators, some have yet to discover this…
Although we are a Design And Innovation company, our Strength actually comes from Education…The reason why we are able to do what we do…we educate ourselves out of the box and likewise create educational resources to help others, like this document and we always work with specialist in their respective fields, Patent Lawyers, Manufacturers, Government (Grants), Designers, Etc.

' What better way to learn how to Think Out Of The Box, then with those that actually… Live Out Of The Box '