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With 4 simple steps: SAVE THE FIZZ FOR OVER 7 HOURS

The Goal of our latest invention was to Design a multi-functional tool for B2B, under advertising and promotional campaigns as well as for the B2C, Consumer Market.
We feel that Single Design Products are Wasteful, when the single function breaks the product is wastefully thrown away, But with a Multi-functional product, if any part breaks the rest will still be operational and the lifespan of the product is extended.(Responsible Design)


USD:$ 7.90


I am so excited today because I’ve had the opportunity to try a new invention and I am very impressed with it. The FizzSaver™ is ingenious, its a simple small reusable item designed to help you open your cans and save the beverage inside.

Faye Stapleton


USD:$ 7.90


CharlesDesigns® made just for you. To let you know that our latest invention the FizzSaver™ is now on indiegogo, our very own crowd funding campaign. If you like this video please share or back us

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FizzSaver™ is a life saver for me, I am allergic to bees and its great for travelling.

DengueProtector™ life saving and convenient…Peace of mind knowing its always protecting you.

Now that I have FizzSaver™, I dont need to force that remaining drink on my stomach

FizzSaver™ NOW on Indiegogo

SAVE THE FIZZ for over 7 hours

CharlesDesigns® would like to thank you for visiting our Crowdfunding Campaign…To “Save The Fizz”… With the FizzSaver™ you get to Taste The Freshness Everytime.
Be part of This Amazing Project, to join us in designing for a better tomorrow.

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Designed to Save Lives

DengueProtector™ By CharlesDesigns® is our Nations HDB’s Automatic Bamboo Holder Cover & Mosquito Trap. The DengueProtector™ is a Mosquito Trap, if your current pole holder has rain water inside of it, dont worry, if your current pole holder has Mosquitoes breeding inside of it, dont worry, even…

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